Broadcasting Stations and MightyPages

A Perfect Partnership

As we consider our ideal business partner, we see a great fit with broadcasting stations.

  • Broadcasting stations are geographically based.
  • Every station has a website.
  • They have advertising relationships with local businesses.
  • They are looking for ways to increase their revenue through digital advertising.
  • Stations can use airtime to promote their own website.
  • They are a trusted part of the community.

We don't want our broadcasting partners to have to build a new website, but with a few lines of code their websites can be the entry point for a full-service local marketplace. This marketplace is not just populated with the businesses that signed up under their station, but all businesses that signed up with any of our partners. Consumers will know that they can find local items, services, specials and prices by going to their broadcasting station's website. In addition, consumers can make a profile that will allow them to be emailed customized advertisements for what they want, as often as they want.

We need partners to spread the word and bring in businesses that want to take part in this revolutionary method of marketing local products and services. Consumers need our partners to tell them about the local marketplace that can be found on the partner's website. We will take care of everything else: the technical aspects, helping businesses enter and update their product information and billing. For broadcasting stations this can be a low risk but highly profitable business model.

What Can MightyPages Do for You?

Contact us for more information about what MightyPages can do for your website and your community. See how your broadcasting station can benefit by emailing us at