What is MightyPages?

The MightyPages Platform is a huge online repository of local businesses, advertisements, products, services and the consumers that use them. It is a not a website, but can be accessed from our partner's websites. Think of it as an online marketplace for local shopping that you enter through partnering websites.

What We Do

Today's trends towards online purchases threaten local businesses. The MightyPages platform allows customers to search for businesees, services and even sales within a customer-established geographical range. It will give businesses the tools to advertise easily and effectively to local customers and allows customers the flexibility to receive local promotions they want.

Why We Do It

The internet has changed how we shop. Unfortunately it is easier to find an item across the country than in our own neighborhood.
MightyPages changes everything!
We will start with sales and specials, but grow to include every product, service, dining choice, entertainment, etc. from every business so that local businesses and consumers can connect. Local businesses will be able to give consumers that same selection, conveninece and information that e-tail provides.

Partnering with MightyPages

We are smart enough to know that this vision is a massive undertaking and we cannot do it alone. We have the technology but we need partners with the business contacts to revolutionize local shopping. We need partners who are following the trends and realize that this venture is necessary and inevitable. Together with these partners we can help local businesses, bolster the local economy and strengthen communities. The projected revenue from this venture looks very promising as well.

Businesses Get Fast and Easy Digital Marketing

Businesses can:

  • Build a website if needed
  • Link MightyPages into an existing website
  • Add items...products, services, entertainment, etc. We have utilities to add large number of items
  • Send out promotions to interested customers
  • Enjoy an enhanced online presence with economical advertising

Customers will Gain the Advantages of Online Shopping on Local Products and Services

Customers can:

  • Find businesses and specific items within a specified geographical location.
  • Request advertisements from specific businesses and types of businesses
  • Save lists of favorite businesses and items
  • Be alerted of flash sales and great deals
  • Be more empowered to make economical decisions in their local shopping

How Customers Use MightyPages

The following videos show how customers would use the MightyPages Platform in real-life situations. The possibilities are endless!

  • Finding nearby meal options

  • Searching for an oil change

  • Setting advertising preferences

  • Saving favorites